Food Battle: Instant Noodle

Have you always disliked instant noodles? Almost everyone says instant noodles is bad. Sure, I wouldn’t eat it every day…but it does taste pretty good! Not convinced? Well, I’m pretty sure you are basing your judgement on ‘cheap’ instant noodle. Let me explain: There are two kinds of instant noodles…the ‘cheap’ kind and the ‘good’ kind.  You need to eat the good kind for sure before you tell me instant noodle doesn’t taste good!  (Oh, and please add meat and veggies…that’s a must!)
Today, I settle the dispute….with a FOOD BATTLE: INSTANT NOODLES!

food 196

(right) Maruchan instant noodle (bought at Costco)
(left) Japanese/Asian instant noodle (bought at Chinese grocercy story in SF)

To be fair, I cooked them for the same time, and used the same soup base for both. The outcome:

food 197

They sure look the same….

but…after sampling both, EUREKA! I realized the difference in my mouth!

The Maruchan was chewier, rougher, starchier (if such word exists).


Main Entry: starchy
Pronunciation: 'stär-chE
Inflected Form(s): starch·i·er; -est
1 : containing, consisting of, or resembling starch
2 : consisting of or marked by formality or stiffness

On the other hand, the Asian one was very light, smooth and silky.  What a difference….subtle but still noticeable.  I’m sure a pro instant noodle eater would notice the difference!  Don’t believe me?  You try it out and tell me!

Winner: Asian instant noodle