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Japan: Gomaya Kuki (Rich Sesame Ice Cream)

If you are a fan of black or white sesame desserts, then you must visit Gomaya Kuki (ごまや くき) located in Shibuya, Tokyo. I highly recommend the intense TRIPLE black sesame ice cream, and make sure to visit the self-serve table for extra sesame and sesame drizzle! The uniquely robust and silky smooth flavors will surely blow your mind.

Be on the lookout for other sesame infused menu items — like their parfait, donuts, cheesecake and drinks. I will have to try them out next time!

Gomaya Kuki is conveniently located near the Harajuku train station. For store hours and address, visit their website at: The store front is easy to miss!

Hungry Cactus’ verdict: A