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Saturday Lunch Buddies: Korean BBQ House

3200 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM [view FoodMap]

A few weeks ago, before Mike's Saturday Game Night, we decided to grab dinner. Unfortunately, since Ar-Ri-rang (our fav restaurant) closes at 6:30pm, we couldn't go there for dinner   Mike found an alternative Korean restaurant called Korean BBQ House.  It's West on Central, ~10+ min. drive.  So Mike, Kuan, Tian, Betty, Stef, Surapong and I headed out there…parking was pretty easy on the side streets.


Let's start by introducing what we ordered….

food 367

Salad tasted stale. Soup was ok.

food 369  

Above is the Kimchee Jikae ($7.95) I ordered this so I could compare with Ari-ri rang.

Napa cabbage, tofu in a chili pepper stew, pork. Soup. 

The Jikae was decently spicy, but I was disappointed by 'bacon slices' in it (pork and bacon are quite different…DAMMAT!) Big deductions.  The spice didn't have the fresh taste in it either.  In addition, I only got a small bowl of rice to go with it.  Not very filling, and not very satisfying.  Furious  Let's see how the other dishes fan out…

food 371 food 370

Above is Surapong being shy.  Behind him, that's where they cook the bulgogi dishes.  Moving onto the side dishes…

food 372 food 373 food 381

food 375 food 377  food 374

I dunno about you, but they sure were plain, tasteless and boring!

food 378

This is Stef's (~$10) Dolsot bibimbob ( Steamed rice, vegetables, red pepper paste on the side, fried egg, served on a hot stone pot.) After the meal, I think hers was a better deal, though still pricy compared to Ar-ri-rang.


food 379 food 380  

Kuan (with his salmon dish); Tian and me (smiling and happy before we realized how bad this restaurant really was).

food 382

Tian's seafood something…you know that cuz he always order seafood.

food 383

Mike's diet.  'Nuff said. Wink

food 384

Above, the Bulbogi…chicken/pork/beef… Tasteless, poorly cooked.  Not impressive.  I think I can do a better job…seriously. 


I'm not impressed with any of their dishes.  I definately won't ever go back to Korean BBQ House, even if it means to eat dinner before 5pm at Ar-ri-rang.  So, I'll keep this review short and to the point… 


Hungry Cactus' verdict: C+ 

Update: I heard they have a really good sushi buffet in the back?  Hmmm…I will need to investigate further with caution…