[Korea] Dotorimuk – Acorn jelly

We’ve all had jello before — ranging from red strawberry to purple grape, to even green mint!  But have you tried brown ACORN JELLY?  Welcome to Korean cuisine!!!

The practice of making dotorimuk originated in mountainous areas of ancient Korea, when abundant oak trees produced enough acorns each autumn to become a viable source of food.  Dotorimuk was widely eaten in Korea during the Korean War, when millions of people were displaced and starving. It consequently became associated with poverty, and most people who could afford them ate memilmuk or other jellies instead. However, in recent years it has been rediscovered as a health food.

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Dotorimuk (aka Acorn Jelly) from Korea Folk Village

The taste is cool and light, perfect as a banchan (side  dishes), especially for spicy Korean meals! YUMMY!=)