Food trucks: Off the Grid

Food trucks…the next fad???

Fad or not, food trucks have become the buzz around town lately.  The largest food truck meetups are organized by Off the Grid at Fort Mason.  With over 30 food trucks, everyone has something to look forward to…from Chinese steamed buns to Filipino sisig dish to creme brulee. If you want to check it out, here’s all the meet up locations:

Oh, before I forget, here’s a Hungry Cactus’ pro tip: Bring your own foldaway chairs and wear lots of clothing…it’s FREEZING COLD!

Hungry Cactus’ review: A- : Off the Grid at Fort Mason is where it’s happening…you simply can’t find so many unique food truck delicacies all in one place.  You’ll probably spend $15+/person, but it’s really fun when you’re sampling all the dishes between close friends!