Food in pictures

Oussama Ben Mc Donald's

My friends are cool, especially Joseph: his family makes the famous Mc Chen Ham Egg Sandwich:

food 478 food 480

Isn’t that awesome? I think he has it every weekend mornings!

~ ~ ~ ~
Have you ever felt like eating a nice piece of plump and juicy steak? Well today, I just wanted to…you know!

So I bought this at Raley’s:

food 482 food 483

Yikes…$12.99/lb! Fear not! See what a great dinner I had:

Hmmm…..yummy yummy:
food 486

Medium rare please!

food 490 food 491

Sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood!!!! From now on, I rather spend $8.18 on a nice piece of Angus beef steak at Raley’s than at any restaurant!!!