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Hi all, I’m back…sorry I’ve been busy the past few weeks. Some highlights in this past week’s trip to S. California:

  • Note to self: Don’t try to visit 3 different places in just a 3 day weekend: Torrance, San Diego, West LA. You _will_ be tired.
  • Even though I haven’t visited LA/SD in half a year….
    • I remember everyone’s name
    • Everyone remembers my name (now that’s weird)
    • Still feels like home =)
    • In-N-Out still tastes way awesome
      la trip Feb 05 020 la trip Feb 05 018 la trip Feb 05 019
      la trip Feb 05 025 la trip Feb 05 032 la trip Feb 05 031
      la trip Feb 05 032
    • babies, weddings, deaths

      • a snap shot of life

    • I felt the entire trip was a dream….exactly how I imagined it would be

  • Car rental is pretty cheap $22/day. My mom recommended They gave me Avis….not bad!
    • It rained hard driving down to San Diego
      la trip Feb 05 006la trip Feb 05 005
  • Stayed with Joseph
    • had Korean dinner at a restaurant called DAMMAT….o.o
      la trip Feb 05 002la trip Feb 05 004
      • I had their special….spam, bacon, sausage, kimchee.
      • Now that’s not Korean, right?
    • had Veggie lunch the next day
      la trip Feb 05 013
      • This is the famous fish dish….looks, smells, tastes like fish. But it’s not. Weird. Go Papillons in El Segundo!
  • Southwest flight back
    • delayed 1+ hours
    • I was so tired I missed my tomato & peanuts on the flight back
      la trip Feb 05 010
    • arrived in ABQ at midnight
    • still had to drive my car back to the apartment =[
    • drop dead
    • wake up for work at 6:45am. Drop dead again.

I enjoyed this weekend tremendously. A dream come true.