Prep for Washington DC!

It’s always fun to go on vacation, especially when it’s with three totally awesome guys – Joseph, Dave and Ben. I have no idea how it will turn out, but I know for sure we’re going to have a smashing time! I guess it doesn’t really matter where we go….except maybe Oklahoma, where Sonic fast food (yuk!) is based. =P Anyhow, we decided to visit our capital Washington DC!

And as with all trips, there _has_ to be planning (no “where is the nearest restaurant!” or “damn…the museum is closed today???” or “What!~ The metro doesn’t go there?” or “Our hotel is 40 miles away from downtown???”)! Thanks again to the Google Spreadsheet, Calendar & Map for making planning so much easier — leaving more time to read up on DC reviews (especially for restaurants…I was probably drooling half the time!)

doc schedule map

Below are a few restaurants I’m excited to try. From the reviews they sound really good! Have you been to any?

Oh, do you know of any awesome dessert places…just can’t do without.

As for attractions, the memorials and Smithsonian museums are definitely on the top of our list. Oh and I almost forgot the International Spy Museum…sounds so freakin’ cool! =)

So do you know of any other must do DC gems? –> let me know asap! We’re heading there this Friday!

I’m so excited!