Chicago ’07 Trip

3/9/07 ~ 3/13/07

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Northwestern Uni
A nice campus, except they have no beach like UC San Diego. =)
chicago 018.jpg IMG_1065.JPG IMG_1037.JPG
chicago 025.jpg

Navy Pier (nighttime)
Nothing happens here until after April…=(
chicago 061.jpg IMG_0857.JPG

Chicago style pizza @ Gino’s East
My evaluation of Chicago style pizza: #1 pizza still belongs to New York style!
chicago 082.jpg chicago 083.jpg P1000172.jpg

Chicago dog @ Hot Doug’s
My evaluation of Chicago style hot dog: #1 hot dog is still at New York’s Grey’s Papaya.
chicago 0313 (7).jpg chicago 0313 (19).jpg chicago 0313 (21).jpg

Stone Crab at Joe’s Stone Crab
Not that great when you have to pay $150
chicago 0313 (60).jpg
chicago 0313 (59).jpg chicago 0313 (58).jpg

Millennium Park
Big metallic bean. Amazing…especially right below it!
chicago 0312 (88).jpg chicago 0312 (81).jpg P1000214.jpg
chicago 0312 (77).jpg chicago 0312 (79).jpg chicago 0312 (70).jpg
chicago 0312 (72).jpg

Wrigley Field

Adler Planetarium
Blue skies, blue lake!
chicago 0312 (61).jpg chicago 0312 (59).jpg

I’m doing the mummy dance
P1000236.jpg DSC01602.JPG

Special guest Dave Trong!!!
Funny as ever!!!
chicago 0312 (115).jpg IMG_0895.JPG

The largest McDonald’s I’ve ever seen…complete with a museum upstairs.
They serve pies and gelato??? Crazy!
IMG_1116.JPG IMG_1111.JPG IMG_1110.JPG

Random meal pictures
IMG_1083.JPG IMG_0879.JPG DSC01393.JPG
chicago 0312 (30).jpg

Chicago night from 95th floor Signature Lounge (in John Hancock Center)
Breathtaking view…a must.

Praise God for gooooooood friends, good weather and a great city!
chicago 0312 (23).jpg

Driving around town
Traffic makes the mind tired.
DSC01597.JPG chicago 0312 (45).jpg

At home
Time to relax, chat and DS time!!!

no kidding…this trip was very tiring somehow…
P1000177.jpg chicago 041.jpg

~ ~ ~

But as usual, God has a sense of humor in everything…we missed our flight.  It was a horrific 2 hour battle with traffic.

chicago 019

Joseph, Ben, Linda was fortunate enough to have a later flight back to LA. I on the other hand, was stuck until 8:30am the following day.

Why is this happening?
What can I do???
Where will I sleep?
How will I get through the night?
God help me!!!!

And before I knew it, with Joseph’s laptop, we tapped onto an open connection and quickly pricelined for a hotel! My 1st bid: $60 for a 3 star near the airport. Score!

chicago 026 chicago 025 chicago 024 chicago 022

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from
trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.
(Psalm 32:7-8)

God is good. gg.

~ ~ ~

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