blueberry, raspberry…

…strawberry, boysenberry, lingonberry…but what the heck is pinkberry?????

Last month when I visited LA, I found out a new fad has started in LA: PinkBerry

LA-jun-07 012

No Photography inside! But you can tell it’s definately stylish — just like Apple stores!

LA-jun-07 013

So what do they sell? Frozen yogurt starting at a whopping $3.50.

LA-jun-07 009

LA-jun-07 010 LA-jun-07 011

Above: $4.95 (medium size, 3 toppings)

— Taste Test —

The frozen yogurt tasted just like any other frozen yogurt. The fruits, well…tasted like fruits (what was I thinking??)! In fact:

“Originally marketed as frozen yogurt, Pinkberry has recently faced complaints that their product does not meet the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s definition of frozen yogurt because it does not contain the necessary amount of bacterial cultures per ounce.”

— Analysis —

So why does it cost so much for a fruity frozen yogurt? I’d guess: 10% for the actual frozen yogurt and fruits, 40% for the sliced fruits and the last 50% for the fad!

— Verdict —

Don’t be lazy! If you can cut up fruits, you can do it! Make one yourself at home!

Hungry Cactus’ verdict: B (if someone else pays for it), but C (if you are paying for it!)