Friday Lunch Buddies

Every other Friday, I organize a “Friday Lunch Buddies”, where a bunch of us go out into Albuquerque and try a new cuisine/restaurant.  I decided to do this for these reasons: to sample as many restaurants in abq (and to find the best ones), try new cuisines and of course to have a relaxing and fun Friday! =)  I’ll eventually post all the places we went in the past two months…but for now, this is the most recent one!


Hi all, I’m back…sorry I’ve been busy the past few weeks. Some highlights in this past week’s trip to S. California:

  • Note to self: Don’t try to visit 3 different places in just a 3 day weekend: Torrance, San Diego, West LA. You _will_ be tired.
  • Even though I haven’t visited LA/SD in half a year….
  • (more…)


I thought I would start posting on a regular basis what I’ve been cooking at home. You might notice that a lot of the dishes look the same….that’s probably because I cook based on what I have in the refrigerator and pantry….so don’t complain! 😐

food 030food 035food 036food 037

This is dish is pesto pasta with sun dried tomatoe beef and veggie mix. I forgot to mix the pasta sauce in with the pasta… 5/10

Trying to find food in a barren land…